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We offer support for those interested in building their brand, developing a website that captures and qualifies leads; we create strategic social media marketing plans and dynamic content through the use of professional photography and video production to promote your product or service.

1) Clarify Your Message

A clear message serves to attract the people you want to work with; it helps your organization with decision making and focus and becomes the compass by which you establish your brand. Clarifying your message is the first step to effective messaging, marketing and community building. 

  • What do your clients want?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • How are you guiding them?
  • What is your call to action?
  • How have they been transformed?

2) Content Marketing

Once you have a clear message you will be able to develop content that speaks to your audience.  You need a website that works for you, qualifying leads and is able to establish authority and empathy. In conjunction with an email marketing service, it will be a hub for optimizing your business and sharing content.

  • Website Design
  • Branding
  • Business Optimization (SEO)
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Photography/Video

3) Community Building

Highly successful organizations understand the importance of creating a tribe, developing a community of people who become advocates, champions, evangelists of their products and services.  Investing in people, creating value, building trust and social capital is an important part of growing your business.


We can help you set-up, market and advertise events and activities designed to bring together your, “tribe” (customers, donors, volunteers) for the purpose of telling your story, gathering testimonials, creating community and content for social media marketing. 

We love to help organizations develop philanthropic partnerships and find causes related to their industry that serve to bridge the relational gap created by consumerism (quid pro quo) and move towards social responsibility and contribution. These relationships help to build trust in a brand and serve as an opportunity to engage your staff, team, donors, volunteers in meaningful ways. The stories, testimonials, community building opportunities are priceless and we’re here to help capture and share them. 

Service-learning is where the deepest level of community building happens. We coordinate both national and international trips from 3 to 10 days for teams of people within an organization to serve together with the intention of helping others, building relationships and growing to better understand oneself. 

About Social Economics

We offer resources and services specific to clarifying your message, marketing your products / services and building your community (your tribe). 

What is a Social Economy?

Social economics is getting what you want by helping others get what they want; identifying felt needs and responding to them. It’s positioning yourself as a guide in your field, helping people move from apathy to advocacy.  We believe that success comes with building social capital and authority; working towards interdependence, transparency, vulnerability and empathy. Social economics is a philosophy of life, a movement a manifesto. 

“When our focus is on people, investing in relationships, listening and responding to heartfelt needs, we build social capital and points of connection that pay big dividends – social, financial, emotional and spiritual.”
Tim Salmonson - Social Economist

Tim Salmonson

Social Economist

Our Process




Testimonials: What people are saying...

Nathan Browe


Tim was invited onto our team as we were in the midst of a large industrial project in Colombia, South America. It was with his help that we were able to better understand the needs of our client, develop appropriate training materials and document the project with photos and video that have been a great asset for our marketing and sales efforts. Having Tim on board allowed us to focus on project implementation while he took care of communication.

Michael Rutter


Our organization needed help with promoting a large scale fundraising campaign so we contacted Tim Salmonson, president of Social Economic Enterprises. He gladly joined us and over the course of 40 days and 3,000 miles, Tim helped us make it possible to share our story with thousands of people and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause of anti-human trafficking.

Larae Stevens


In 2015 we approached Social Economic Enterprises (SEE) to help us to develop a greater reach and create systems to help us better communicate with all of our volunteers and participants. At the time that SEE stepped in we had 1,019 followers on Facebook with a daily post reach of 435 people. In the three years that we have been working with SEE, our Facebook presence has risen to over 4,300 likes with daily posts reaching over 11 million people. We have gone from being a local event to being recognized in USA Today as one of the “Top 5 Festivals in North America”.

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